SD-WAN For MikroTik

Turn your MikroTik into a cloud-managed super firewall.

MikroTik SD-WAN is a cloud-based service designed specifically for MikroTik routers. Get easy management and a variety of features like WAN failover, content filtering, security, VPNs and more. 

Benefits of SD-WAN for MikroTik​ 


    Provides reduction of operating costs, having a highly qualified and experienced team responsible for management.


    it integrates security features to control network traffic, in addition to allowing local settings for internet access and integrated management.


    We offer a reliable and robust cloud application experience that supports the digital transformation journey with guaranteed high performance.


    Through zero-touch installation, you can deploy our solution quickly, with flexibility and scalability made easy.


    Provides greater availability of network services, allowing your company to focus on its core business with complete peace of mind.

SD-WAN for MikroTik

Meet the innovative platform that turns your MikroTik into a cloud-managed super firewall.​

Support and monitoring

We monitor and manage your Mikrotik network to ensure the best performance and security.

Equipment leasing

Rental of MikroTik routers according to the company's needs and support for the links.

Advanced Support and 24/7 Monitoring

We monitor and manage your Mikrotik network to ensure the best performance and security.

Complete NOC solution so that you and your employees do not lose focus on your business. With our advanced monitoring, you have access to incredible dashboards that can be customized to your needs, facilitating network management and troubleshooting.

MikroTik rental

Rent and save on hardware-related costs by leveraging our solutions and get a complete experience.

Request a quote now for renting MikroTik equipment ideal for connecting links from different operators, interconnecting headquarters and branches and advanced management with SD-WAN.

Common questions

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Who can hire SD-WAN for MikroTik?

MikroTik SD-WAN is a product aimed at companies of any size that use Mikrotik routers to manage their WAN networks.

What is the maximum number of devices we can manage?

It doesn’t matter if 1 or 1000 MikroTik SD-WAN is ready to meet your needs and ensure a stable network.

How can I enable SD-WAN in my MikroTik environment?

Create your account and run a single command on your router. Ready! It is now ready for online activation and management. Consult our documentation.

Is it possible to block websites?

Yes! Through the content filter module, it is possible to block sites by category or specify an unwanted site.

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MikroTik SD-WAN is a porduct developed by Recife Tecnologia company with more than 20 years of market and expertise in various solutions for cloud and infrastructure.